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September 2008: Augmented Instruments concert at The Luminaire

Performance with Otso Lahdeoja, my long time music partner for the Augmented Instrument concert organised by the Centre for Digital Music at the Luminaire, London. The event also featured Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson, Sinan Bokesoy, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and OAO.

The concert was followed by the Digital Planet show on BBC World Service. Listen to the readio feature

My duo with Otso can be heard here

More information on the event on the blog of the Centre for Digital Music

Picture credits to Steve Welburn


New music video on my piece "Portrait sonification" by Scorpene Horrible

Portrait Sonification (extrait)


May 2008: Installation "The Giant Instrument" at the Shunt, London.


August 2007: Performance of my piece "Portrait" at ICMC 2007, Copenhagen.

20th to 26th of June 2006 : Installation at ICA with Dominique Leroy, during the ICAD 2006 conference. More...

15th of June 2006 : Concert at the National Portrait Gallery with the violonist Hayley Hung. Composition for violin and tape.

May 2006 : Pompiloop won first prize at LoMus 2006. It is now an open source project. the program and its source can be download here.

Sonos is online! The source code Max/MSP/Jitter is available for Mac OS X and Windows. An standalone application is also available, for Macintosh only (so far...). Download Sonos

June 2005 : End of the Journées d'Informatique Musicales. Soon online the papers of the conference :JIM 2005


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Some electroacoustic music to download in music.

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