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Teacher assistant,2005-2008

  • New interfaces for musical expression: tutoring projects for advanced interfaces for musical expression. 2nd year B.Sc. computer science, Hong Kong, distance learning,
  • Professional Skills program, 1st year B.Sc., Queen Mary, University of London
  • Multimedia: tutoring projects with Flash, 2nd year B.Sc., QMUL
  • GUI: tutoring students in the development of Graphic User Interfaces, 2nd year B.Sc. course, QMUL



  • New interfaces for musical expression, within the Interaction Design course, Master students, 2006-2008
  • Sound in interactive installation. Development of a sampler audio/video. Contribution to the development of en engine for automatic indexation of video sequences for the SLIDER project. ESAC, Pau, France, 2004-2006
  • Composing music with visual means, New York University, 2006
  • Design and programmation of motion capture and real-time interaction with Jean-Baptiste Droulers. We used microcontrollers designed by Francis Bras (Interface Z). Motion capture, position calculation, constraint spatialisation, network (OSC). Le Fresnoy, France, 2005
  • Cycle of conferences about the german composer Karlheinz Stockhausen in collaboration with the actress and director Christine Dormoy. The conferences were given after the performance of the composer's 'Indianer Lieder'. The goal of these conference is to give keys to understand Stockhausen creation process and his music. 2005
  • Workshop within the multimedia course of Thierry Guibert at the School of Arts and Communication in Pau, France. Teach students the use of real-time interaction between music and video
  • Programming notions in Max/MSP/Jitter within the 'live electronic' course of Anne Sedes, University of Paris VIII, 2004-2005

1st prize of the LoMus 2006 contest for Pompiloop, 20th of May 2006

Pompiloop won first prize at LoMus 2006, ex aequo with Olivier Sens for his program Usine.

Installation at Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, from the 20th to the 26th of June 2006

In parallel of the ICAD 2006 conference I present the installation Visual Sound. The installation presents a graphical interface that investigates processes of contemporary composition, drawing on the works of Iannis Xenakis and Sinan Bokesoy. The user interacts with abstract shapes to organise sounds in time, thanks to a self-similarity algorithm. The ambient sound is recorded and transformed according to the user interaction. Visual sound is also part of a research project on sound visualisation. More...

Composition for the National Portrait Gallery, Londres, 15th of June 06

Invited by Alla Tkatchuk, I present the 15th of June 2006 a composition for violin and tape with the violonist Hayley Hung. This composition is a sonification of a portaiture of the painter herself. Conference "The changing face of portaiture", with Paul Benney, Andrew Logan and Alla Tkatchuk.


pplato has a web site : will be in concert in Belfort the 3rd, 5th and 6th of June 2006.

Cosmos interface

Development of the interface of Cosmos, musical program developed by Sinan Bokesoy, inpired by Iannis Xenakis works.

pplato in concert the June, 22th and the July, 10th 2005

Pala invite pplato at the theatre le Magasin in Malakov (near Paris) the 22th. Free entrance.
pplato will play two times at la Villa Mais d'Ici in Aubervilliers (93) the July,10th at 5pm and 8pm, 5 euros.

End of the courses 2004/2005 at l'ESAC, Pau

The courses will start again in october 2005 with the SLIDER project within a partnership between ESAC (Thierry Guibert) and the Art School of Angoulême (Jean-Marie Dallet).
My work at ESAC is synthesised in a four-pages document (written in French). Download the document.

Sound design and composition for the lecture of "Le Marque Page". Director Philippe Vasseur

Presented to the public the June, 5th 2005 at the Théâtre de la Commune d'Aubervilliers. 50 minutes of music & sounds.

Exposition Ecoute at the Centre Pompidou, September 2004 - January 2005

Animation of a musical creation workshop with childrens from 7 to 14 years-old. The children have used the software Pompiloop, developed in 2004 for the exposition Ecoute. Thanks to this software, one can create musical loops composed with existing samples and sounds recorded by the children during the workshop. By associating sounds with colors, the children know very quickly how to use the software. After the 2-hours workshop, they all leave with a CD of their work. You can listen to the following samples :

piece 1 : Flora, 10-year-old
piece 2 : Léo, 11-
piece 3 : Siméon, 7-year-old


Reading around the opera 'Angels in America' of Peter Eötvös at the theatre du Châtelet, November 2004

Collective creation around the opera 'Angels in America'. Working with a dozen of european artists from the opera of Sweden, Hungary; Lituany, Belgium and France with two high school classes from Bruxelles and Paris. After a eight-day work, we have presented a creation implying the children and another creation implying the artists. Collaboration with the swedish baryton David Johansson.