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Pompiloop is a musical program for children, ages 4 and up. It was developed for a workshop at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2004/2005. This version works for Macintosh OS X.2 and later. The version for Windows XP is under construction, therefore it may not work on all computers. A new version will be released in September. Pompiloop is distributed freely under the GPL license.

pompiloop website



Sonos is a software based on research works on sound visualisation. Using a graphical interface, one can modify spectrum in real time according to colors drawn on frequencies. The technologies in Sonos are described in papers presented at ICMC 2004 and JIM 2005. Standalone program for Mac OS X and Windows have been developed. Sonos is copyrighted under the licence GNU LGPL.

Download sonos application for OS X

Download sonos application for Windows



Musical and interactive software that generates particles (chenilles = worms) that make a sound when they rebound on the walls. You can use it with your own sounds.

os x version

windows xp/nt/2000 version


Egosound is a Max/MSP/Jitter standalone that enable to spatialize up to 4 sounds simultaneously in a virtual space. You can adapt Egosound to your own sound system from 2 to 8 loudspeakers. For Mac OS X only.

Download Egosound


trajectory is an abstraction Max/MSP that allows to draw trajectories. You can use it with spatialization tools as ambipan~ or vbapan~ and spatialize very easyly many sound sources.

Download trajectory for OS X

Download trajectory for windows

Ambipan~, vbapan~, amibcube~, ...

You can download these objects on the website of the CICM