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The piece "Portrait" was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in London (2006). It was further played in Copenhagen during the International Computer Music Conference 2007 and broadcasted on the French radio (2008). It can be listened to on myspace.

Composed the original sound track for the short film "Three bags full" by the director Owen Black. 2007

Inspired by the movie of Andrei Tarkovsky, stalker is an electroacoustic piece achieved in November 2004. Listen the introduction.
Broadcast on France Musiques by David Jisse and Christian Zanési on January, 29th 05. Listen the commentary.

'ainop', mixed piece for piano and real-time interaction. Created with David Berdery in Paris, April 2004

'bousculade' electroacoustic piece created in Pantin, March 2003

'La ballade des pendus' , command of Densité 93, for 8 solist voices, created by Soli Tutti on November, 28th 2004

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut is member of the pplato project with the Finnish guitarist Otso Lähdeoja

Music videos

sv1. Image Scorpene Horrible, music Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

sv2, music & video, Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

agonie, image Ivana Adaime, music Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut